A downloadable dispatch for Windows, macOS, and Linux

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Got your number.

A dispatch by yours truly.

(you will know you've finished the game when you return back to the title screen.)


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PHN-HOME (Windows) 75 MB
PHN-HOME (Mac) 77 MB
PHN-HOME (Linux) 78 MB


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I played this game through the Bundle for Racial Justice and Equality. That one part with the phones on the walls took so long! I eventually found them all on the fridge. I'm glad I stuck with it, it was fun!

i loved it, but what was the solution to picking up the correct phones in the correct order? i couldn't find any logic behind it.

Spoilers for the puzzle solution: https://pastebin.com/NaAHZ0G0


Atmosphere is really good. The flashing lights warning really spooped me, I was super paranoid for a jumpscare the whole time and had to stop partway through, take an ice cream break, and turn off the flashing lights even before they came up. After a certain point when things started getting REALLY [], I wasn't sure what to do anymore. Though I got something to happen once at that point, I wasn't sure if there was anything else or if that was it, so I quit.

Thanks for playing. The game has an end, which you'll know you've reached when it kicks you back to the main menu screen.

Thanks, maybe I'll try again!


Super strange game. It was a weird experience, haha. Thanks!

Thanks for playing!

A truly bizarre experience. I could hear the phones ringing in my ears even after I was done with the game lol


I'll take it!

damn so creepy