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This game was "needo"!


Thanks to everyone who played :)


Which way did he go?

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At what time does it end?

EDIT: Its already over, wow


Just letting you know someone's still paying attention, since i'm not seeing a lot of comments-- it was a bit inaccessible (i'd lose the strobe lights if you do anything else, could be a seizure/migraine risk depending on speed), but ultimately i find this really really REALLY fascinating and i'm really invested in how it ends.

I'd love to see more experimental work like this-- they're anxiety-inducing for obvious reasons, but the whole concept of "games that only exist for a set amount of time" is really underappreciated/unexplored. I think the fear is worth it, though. also, is that a little sailboat on Needo's head, or just a very fun hat?

It is today (or soon at least)

Yes!! I got the chance to see it for myself after being away from the computer for a while-- and I'm glad I did! I wonder if Raposo set the final cut scene to play whenever a previous player had opened it up again, or if it HAD to be around march 3rd? it's just barely the 4th where i am, so maybe its a timezones thing? Exciting nonetheless.

Uh, I accidentally missed Needos story and he had a go at me when I pressed escape only to find it quits the game :'(


The game wasn't much but i was absolutely blown away by it, great narrative and beautifully surreal visuals


OOOOh sounds cool, im assuming its inapired by the recently semi trendy moirai


I've played Moirai but I wouldn't say so. Actually totally forgot about it till you mentioned it. Thanks for playing!